Which brand makes the best quality loudspeakers?

Who makes the best speakers

  • Aperion Audio

    Votes: 21 3.6%
  • Axiom Audio

    Votes: 14 2.4%
  • B&W

    Votes: 135 23.0%
  • Harman (JBL, Infinity, Revel)

    Votes: 127 21.7%
  • Klipsch

    Votes: 85 14.5%
  • Martin Logan

    Votes: 48 8.2%
  • Paradigm

    Votes: 66 11.3%
  • Polk

    Votes: 35 6.0%
  • PSB

    Votes: 21 3.6%
  • RBH Sound

    Votes: 34 5.8%

  • Total voters


Audioholic Field Marshall
It's been EIGHT YEARS? No way! :D

But you know what I said was tongue-in-cheek as a general statement - meaning whichever speaker I currently own is the best. :D

Anyway, RBH SVT and SX-T2/R towers are the best. :D
More like 8 and a HALF, since you are counting :D
Will Brink

Will Brink

Audioholic Intern
Personally, "best" for the $ spent is the only way I can judge such a thing, and for the $ from that list, I go with Paradigm easily. That ATC is not on that list is a crime against nature however.


Audioholic Samurai
I'm still happy with my 2012 Infinity Primus 363s which have performed flawlessly for 8 years. Sometimes I still miss my 1979 DCM Time Windows though.


I have a set of Paradigm speakers that I upgraded just this past year. My speaker purchase before the Paradigm speakers were a pair of Advent Legacy speakers purchased in 1988. My old Sansui rebuilt speakers with a custom crossover were a budget upgrade on a graduate student stipend. I have heard demonstrated JBL, Revel, and JL audio amongst other speakers. IMHO for what you get the Paradigm speakers are an excellent choice based on the money. I have heard very high end ribbon speakers and McIntosh speakers that go for +$50k a pair. Yes there is some really high end great stuff, but IMHO the paradigm at the price points I purchased at are a great choice. I did note the beginning of the thread and wondered why Paradigm was not on the list of choices. Currently I own a pair of ADP-190 v5, Mini Monitor 7 v5, the 800F (Premier?) and the 45c center (prestige?) speakers on a Yamaha RX-V663. From what I have heard demonstrated the choices I have made I am very happy with!

Oh, I forgot the Paradigm Defiance X12 subwoofer. IMHO the SVS SB-3000 (used on my computer) and the Paradigm X12 ( on the main system referenced in the paragraph above) are both excellent choices that will work well
Mark E. Long

Mark E. Long

Full Audioholic
Iam still more than happy with my older jbl towers and the newer models in my setup although there newer models have caught my attention too .


Full Audioholic
Elacs are wonderful speakers for the price, they put out some good amount of bass when paired to a quality amplifier or avr.
Elac & Yamaha are perfect combo, Elac & Denon not so great.


I'm still happy with my 2012 Infinity Primus 363s which have performed flawlessly for 8 years. Sometimes I still miss my 1979 DCM Time Windows though.
I have the same speakers and modded the front three with 3/8" of peel and seal and 2 to 4 inches of board insulation. They sound excellent and the center speaker sounds crystal clear. It's not an easy task, very time consuming but the end result is terrific.


Audioholic Overlord
Im still happy with PSB having built two systems around their old Century line in my 2nd and 3rd systems. I recently purchased a usec pair of PSB ImageT65 to replace my T45 which are still performing flawlessly in my main system. Waiting on some new grills and feet for them before wiring them into my main system. Im currently listening to Eric Clapton on my 2nd system via Century 800i speakers equipped with 2 x 8" woofers. Sounds f'in amazing!!

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