I'm so angry with the U.S. and Chinese governments right now!



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It's sad that perception of "facts" matters more than actual facts. People believe something is true, it is. Even if it isn't. It's crazy that so many people buy into what we deem as obvious bullshit. Because a "news" source says it, it must be true. If it's on the internet it must be true. Why would Facebook show me something I agree with if it isn't true?

Hilary to me was so much in it for power as a career politician that I can see why so many voted for the orange box of rocks. She would have screwed things up too, but in different ways. We'll never know. Trump is what I said is exactly what we need as a nation. The epitome of everything that is wrong with the way people see and process information. I just thought he'd be stupid and make us look stupid to the rest of the world, I never thought he'd actually do real damage. I thought he was too stupid and that his cabinet would stop him. Guess not.

The next president will be a breath of fresh air unless dumbass gets elected again. I don't think he will, but who the hell knows. We've had two term presidents for a very long time. The only reason I say they'll be a fresh air pres is because it can't be as bad as he is. No way. I almost (almost) would have voted hillary in if I thought she'd actually try to make a difference, but I don't think she cares one bit about the country. Only about power. That's not a fit for our highest office. We got someone worse though so it went that way anyway.

I hope I live long enough (35) that we get someone that does away with the party against party BS and just tries to get us as a nation to try to solve some of our problems. I know it won't happen any time soon since our public offices have become the worst reality show on TV, but there has to be something we can all do. It's difficult to sit and watch the poop show.

It's difficult to see how stupid everyone actually is.

Sorry for the nonsensical rant.
Yeah, I had considered that Trump might be good to shake DC up for awhile. However, the way he just randomly made crap up about his competition in the Republican primary (like Ted Cruz's dad killed JFK, or whatever). His approach seemed erratic enough that that made Clinton the "lesser of evils". A lot of crap has been made up and/or exaggerated about her, but she is still the kind of power/greed based politician that I would like to avoid. If anyone wants to remind me how bad Hillary was, don't bother, I agree, and the fact that she seems to have been involved in unscrupulous activities to ensure she got the Dem nomination only digs her in deeper.
I could have reasonably voted for Trump, but if I had, I would have felt betrayed in short order.

IMHO, the two most important roles of government are security and stability.
Trump is a source of instability. He brags about the negotiating advantage of the other party not knowing what he will do, and that is a fair point. However, what he is missing is the cost to our own institutions (corporate and government) when there is great uncertainty about the future. Businesses/agencies need to know what the rules will be next week/month/year to make intelligent decisions. He likes to enact new rules immediately, but businesses are best served if new rules are phased in over a period of time so they can modify their operations to the new rules.

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