What New Stuff Have You Bought? If You Care To Share Thead! :)



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She arrived yesterday. I was busy all day though and didn't have time to unpack her. What a beautiful beast :p
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I got her hooked up, but not set up yet. I'll play with her tomorrow. Everything was brand new in the box. As you can see from the picture, the plastic wasn't even removed form the face plate. Remote was still sealed, as were the antenna and power cord.
Make sure to do the update first before setting anything up and the web tool is awesome to use! Congrats.

Also by default, the AVM 70 is set to auto shut off in 20 minutes, I thought I was having issues when I first got mine.
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This just came in.


This is to upgrade the JBL soundbar at the trailer from a 5.1 to an ATMOS soundbar. The sub on the Monoprice is an 8" bottom firing verses a 10" bottom firing of the JBL. I lose a couple of Hz but gain more placement space as the unit is smaller. I will take the JBL system back home and put it back up in bedroom 2 where it stays for the winter and now forever. I will bring the Monoprice system home on closing of the trailer for the winter along with the LCD display that came with it and set it up in bedroom 3. It makes more sense to raid everything from one setup and one bedroom then split it across both bedrooms.


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RC stuff. I buy what I must and build what I can. This has an axial motor, trick wheels and tires. I designed the chassis and suspension myself and gathered the parts about the internet. Way cheaper than real cars but scratches that same gearhead itch for me. Body, I bought separately and altered it for my purpose.

These are kitchen table projects. I wake up before the birds. I like having this to do until the sun comes up. Some music in the background, or perfectly silent. Great way to start the day, or end it, for that matter. I made the rocks from cement as an obstacle course. I sit out there with the birds and squirrels in the AM with my coffee sometimes.



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Open box at Visions here in Canada. Got it for ~450$. Can't wait to try it out with the new 4K UHD movies I got this week.


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Just purchased a miniDSP EARS rig for headphone measurements. Could be useful for future endeavors.


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Bought a pair of JAMO S-801PM speakers for the computer. On sale at Crutchfield.

Added some movies, Strange Love of Martha Ivers, 1946, new HD remaster from a 4k scan. Replaces a bargain basement DVD copy I have.
The Parallax View, 1974, new restored 4k digital transfer, replaces a VHS tape.
Designing Woman, 1957, comedy-romance, Lauren Bacall, Gregory Peck
Reunion In France, 1942, John Wayne, Joan Crawford


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My early one week before bday gift to self.:cool: Pretty:pJamo 12 inch subwoofer from a recent and still woot sale. Ohio Players great to test Bass! Digs in pretty good in this med-large size living room. I feel like dancing to this funky music. Naughty. ;) Love Rollercoaster! Wohoo hu hu.


Audioholic Slumlord
I picked these up from kijijji with a price tag of $4.00 each including shipping. They sound good.


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  • BlueJeansCable.com
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