What New Stuff Have You Bought? If You Care To Share Thead! :)



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I bought my Synergy as a floor model from a HT store that was going out of business. Got it for about 50% off in near perfect condition. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have bought that particular setup, which would have ended up around $1300+ I have the two lower doors with glass, two open shelves at the top, black mesh sides, open back, walnut with silver posts, curved chrome feet, etc...


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An old school Tudor electric football game with the Pittsburgh Steelers and 2 other pre painted teams included. I'm now in the process of collecting the entire NFL. So far I have 14 with 2 more on order. Addicting I know but way cheaper than the audio equipment upgradeits I used to have.
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New to me 2015 Ram 1500 Sport... Low miles and many extra's. Alpine sound system with sub, decent sound for a truck. Loving the truck, though, it is a little more subdued than I prefer.
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From Hammacher Schlemmer, my new emergency compact car jump-starter.
Also has a built-in flashlight and USB port to charge small electronics (cell phone, etc)
This is the 4-6 CYL model, they also sell one for bigger engines.

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We converted a patio to an enclosed sunroom about 2 yrs ago and with the grilling pad that I shared on here some time back, it's pretty close to entertain ready this year...we've had a few outings and I've come to realize we didn't have a decent liquor cabinet...nothing worthy of sipping or drinking neat.

So...I've been educating myself on mid and upper level liquor...my goal is to have one good mid level and one upper level...my 1st two spirits researching have been Scotch, and Tequlia. Last week I made my 1st purchase.


There are 4 classes of Tequlia and they're basically age distinctions.

Blanco...maybe 25 days
Reposado...up to a yr
Anejo...1 + up to 3 yr
Extra Anejo...3+ yrs

I'm admittedly new at this, but in my experience Blanco (even the pricer ones) the alcohol burn makes them more of a mixer, maybe on ice, but not neat. Espolon is a good Blanco fairly cheap.

Resposado is where most would start with as a sipper in the Tequlia family...Casa Noble takes this Resposado to 364 days in the barrel and it's among the smoother Tequilas...scoring in the 90s. Neat...it's great, but does have some heat, with an ice cube, it smoothes out the finish.

Anejo is a noticeable step up in class, smoother from start to finish...a wee hint of some warmth at the end but the finish is worth it...this is neat worthy.

For comparison, I have had Clas Azul...Resporado...beautiful bottle, pricy and the contents deliver, sweeter than Casa Noble's more nutty Resporado. Considering I got both of these higher rated Tequlias for the cost of just the one bottle of the Clase Azul, I think I did okay...when I find the Casa Noble's Single barrel Extra Anejo...that will go in the decanter in my office.


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Bought this yesterday at Walmart and watched it. I really enjoyed the "inner dialog" towards the end. This could be a seriously funny super hero series if done right.



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Thanks Kurt, I still hope so but it doesn't look to promising for me. It's not easy when they give you an expiration date and tell you get things in order quick. The worst thing is that I also lost some minor hearing.
Hearing loss has got to suck!
Not that I don't have any, but mine is normal and gradual.
I guess I'd rather get an expiration date than not, but I hope they are wrong.
It does assign a bit more significance to what you do with the time you have left.
I vote for cheap liquor, loud music, and loose women!;)

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