My First Concert- What was Yours?

Dean Kurtz

Dean Kurtz

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Oh Yeah. ELP at the Anaheim Convention Center 1974. I found out later that was where the live album was recorded. Welcome Back My Friends. I met Keith Emerson there a few years back at the NAMM show and told him that's where it was recorded. He didn't know either. It's not stated on the album. I found out when I was on facebook with ELP's musicologist. But a great show for 3 dudes.


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Jim Morrison was born in the city I live in now

What does Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendricks have in common
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A show I’d really like to see is Del McCoury. I started listening to bluegrass a couple years ago but I’ve never seen any of the “name” artists live. I’m not sure how much longer Del will be performing.

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