Which of these two HDMI cables would you choose and why?



I also
The above unit and the 12 Meter Ruipro cable arrived yesterday.

The specs on the that voltage inserter above are 1000 ma at 5 volts. That should be plenty and nothing stressed. I think that is preferable to drawing power from an HDMI that it is not designed to provide. I think this is the robust solution.

The way things are going we are at least a couple of months away from any testing, probably nearer three from studio completion. We shall all have to wait patiently for results.
I have the RUIPRO, but mine is 75' if I recall correctly. Awesome cable!

Otto Plyot

Junior Audioholic
Yep. The specs for HDMI 1.4 and 2.1 state that the HDMI connector provides a pin allowing the source to supply +5.0 Volts to the cable and sink and that all HDMI sources shall be able to supply a minimum of 55mA to the +5V power pin. The sink shall not draw more than 50mA of current from the +5V pin and when the sink is powered on, it can draw no more than 10mA of current from the +5V pin. The +5V power signal from the HDMI source has an over-current protection maximum of no more than 0.5A.

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