What are you watching tonight?



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I've seen every Deadwood episode, including the latest Deadwood movie.

I loved the original Deadwood series, but I was a bit disappointed in the latest Deadwood TV movie - one of those things where I wish I had not seen it. :D
I like the movie, closure was needed wasn't great but. Take GOT, season 8, many hated it I thought it was as good or better than the 7 seasons before. Thing about DW on HBO, one has realize how much of that Series was taken from the true History books. According the the Writers of that series they went into Archives of the "old west" did people of that Era really speak like that or was it really Lawless like that. I'd have to say Close enough for me. Feeding Corpses to pigs, the Prostitution, Outright disregard for human life not to mention the racism and the bigotry. The mix of all the different cultures alone with organize crime with its drug trade. The powers be In total control.
Than you had The Pinkertons, like ole "Al would say can't we find a way to Satisfied the big vapors up in Washington'" Al didn't say Washington but thats what was Implied . Don't see much change from that Era in time todate, to the time where in now. It's just Civilized now. :)
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I gottgo check out that site.
Don't do it...

Yeah, I'll yell ya straight up -- if any of the assclowns I've experienced online said any of the things they have about me or my family to my face, on my property, they sure as poop wouldn't be leaving with any teeth, I'll guarantee you that.


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HBO Watchmen E1 Free full season on amazon prime! Probably won’t be up for long so hurry if you wanna see it.


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I've been watching the third and final season of Dark. I had to re-watch the first two seasons because I get kind of confused about who everybody is in all the various timelines.

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