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You gotta admit that Putin's efforts to subvert democracy in key countries like the US and the UK (and therefore the EU) through supporting specific politicians has been remarkably effective.
Yep, you just cannot underestimate the gullibility of people.


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Less than two weeks until Brexit, and the new deal between EU and UK did not even get a vote today:

"The British Parliament has made Boris Johnson’s premiership very difficult. Saturday was no exception.
This time, it spoiled the vote on his Brexit deal.
Parliament approved an amendment on Saturday that basically forced Johnson to ask for a Brexit delay, no matter what. It turned the vote on Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal from a dramatic decision to something far less meaningful.
The amendment, introduced by Sir Oliver Letwin, a former Conservative member of Parliament (MP) who’s now an independent, is intended to eliminate the possibility of an “accidental” no-deal Brexit on October 31, the current Brexit deadline.
That’s because even if Johnson’s deal passes, the UK still needs to pass legislation to put this deal — which is essentially a treaty with the EU — into law. In other words, two things have to happen for the UK to leave on October 31 with a deal: voting for Johnson’s Brexit agreement and voting on all the legislation around it.


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Especially when the vast majority of people think that if they read something that it must be true. That blind trust is a big problem.
Especially when it's on the internet- the one place where you can confirm or deny someone's claims in a very short time.

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