4K Compents Impact the use and/or selection of a Soundbar



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4K Compents Impact the use and/or selection of a Soundbar
How much influence should the addition of a Sony 4K Ultra HD TV & Hi-Res Audio HDR Blu-Ray Player Impact the use and/or selection of a 4K Compliant Soundbar? Please read the following then express your opinion.

Note: Our primary purpose in replacing our 55" HDTV 1080p was two fold. First, to gain superior up scaled video from our primary TV. Second, move the 55" HDTV to the master bedroom.

Current Bose Soundbar is the ST130. Current DirectTV DVR is HR44. Neither is 4K compliant.

Option 1
By keeping both the ST130 and HR44 we will not receive any of the small amount of current DirecTV 4K content but will take advantage of our Sony 4K's excellent upscaling ability. In fact the HDMI from the DTV HS44 can still connect to the 130's module then be sent on to the 4k for upscaling. Video from the 4K HDR Blu-Ray will go by HDMI to the 4K TV. Audio from the 4K HDR BR Player by Optical to the 130. The short coming here is the loss of advance sound fields native to new HDR Disks. All audio from the 130 would be DD 5.1

Option 2 Involves a change over to a 4K compliant Soundbar, Change of the DTV DVR to a 4K compliant DVR such as a HR54. Rerouting of all HDMI's to the 4K TV then a single 4K HDMI routed from the 4K TV through the ARC to the new Soundbar to obtain the supported advanced sound fields from the DTV's 4K programing and the advanced 4K sound fields from the 4K Hi Res Audio HDR Blu-Ray player. Note: no streaming foreseen due to expense.

Which option would you select?

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