Audio questions – LG TV and LG soundbar



Hi all!

First of all, I’m a total newbie, so bear with me …and bear with my less-than-optimal English.

I’ve done quite a bit of searching, but haven’t found the solution for my exact question. So, the question is about settings on my new LG TV and LG soundbar.


· LG 4K 75” NanoCell 926 with eArc, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, 120 Hz, HDR 10 Pro, Filmmaker Mode, FreeSync, VRR, ALLM, SimpLink CEC.

· LG SN11RG 7.1.4 soundbar with eArc, Dolby Atmos, SimpLink, HDMI connected from eArc on soundbar to eArc on TV

· XBOX series S, connected to 4K 120 Hz HDMI port on TV

· Chromecast Ultra plugged into ordinary HDMI-port on TV


· Netflix via built-in app, with 4K and Dolby Atmos when available

· Streaming 720p/1080p content, sometimes with 5.1 audio (non-4K/non-Dolby Atmos) via built-in app OR/AND via Chromecast

· XBOX gaming, with best available image quality/settings/audio. Mostly games available with game pass

Q1: What are correct/optimal audio settings? As of right now, settings are (translated from Norwegian):

· Audio output: HDMI (ARC)

· Audio, advanced settings:

o Dolby Atmos enabled (but greyed out).

o DTV audio Auto. (options are Auto, MPEG, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, HE-AAC)

o HDMI audio input format: HDMI 1 (Chromecast input) Bitstream, (options are PCM or Bitstream)

o Digital Audio output Auto (options are Auto, PCM, Passthrough),

o eArc support enabled

Q2: Sound/volume from rear speakers is really low, if present at all. Stupid question, but is this simply due to wrong sound settings, or is the rear speaker volume/sound generally much lower than center/front speakers? Or do the rear speakers typically kick in only when there are certain surround effects in the movie/content? (I guess the rears are silent when there is only 2.1 audio)

Q3: Which is better: streaming (non-4K, non-Dolby Atmos) content via built-in app, or via Chromecast?

Q4: When firing up the XBOX: will image and audio settings adapt, so that optimal conditions for gaming is in effect? E.g. “Game Mode” or the “Game Optimizing” setting

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