Having an issue with the receiver and/or 4k player



I've been having a recurring issue where, when I turn on the tv and click over to the receiver; it turns something that wasn't on even if something else is on. I was able to figure it out with the playstation and xbox (settings inside each of them; but it should also be noted that with them, the receiver wouldn't switch over to them, it merely turned them on) but I can not figure it out with the damned 4k player

Panasonic DP-UB820-K
Denon AVR-X2700H

are the items in question. Google has failed me where it succeeded with the playstation and the xbox. It is at the point that when I turn something on I have to sit there pressing the button assigned to whatever device I'm currently trying to use repeatedly for right about a minute until I'm safe from it trying to turn on the blu-ray player and switching over to it. Even then I sometimes fail and it does it anyway!


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I'm pretty sure you have an issue with HDMI Control. Once you power up the devices sense the other is there and light up.

From the Denon web manual : ( Denon AVR-X2700H Web Manual )

HDMI Control
If you connect the unit and an HDMI Control function compatible TV or player with an HDMI cable and then enable the HDMI Control function setting on each device, the devices will be able to control each other.
Power off link
This unit power off can be linked to the TV power off step.
Audio output destination switching
From the TV, you can switch whether to output audio from the TV or the AV amplifier.
Volume adjustment
You can adjust this unit’s volume in the TV volume adjustment operation.
Input source switching
You can switch this unit input sources through linkage to TV input switching.
When playing the player, this unit input source switches to the source for that player.

I think Panasonic calls it Vierra Link. Just disable it and the auto starting should go away. See page 25 of the manual ( Panasonic DP-UB820-K Manual )

I hope this is helpful.


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Awesome, thank you. I will give this a go when I get home!
Usually you can disable part of HDMI-CEC, like power on/off, while still using ARC (audio return channel). All of this is a hit and miss. Sometimes firmware updates can fix issues but those updates have their own risks.

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