Yamaha aventage Rx-1080 firmware issue



Audioholic Slumlord
Using the "pure direct" button I can get 2 channel audio out of it, I will post the solution as and when I deal with it (if nobody else gets there first)
Do a reset back to factory defaults. I would do the firmware updates after that with a WIRED connection.

It sounds as if your problem is in the audio multichannel processor, which direct mode bypasses. You can try at least three resets, if that does not solve it, it is repair or replacement time.


Ok, so the amp wouldn't reset to factory nor would it accept a USB formatted to FAT32 with the file in exactly the right place. I couldn't get the update to run in advanced setup on the front panel nor from the on-screen menu.

If this happens for anybody else then it seems a network (cable-connected not wireless) firmware update is the only thing that works. But at least it works. Thanks all.

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