Wire hook-up for Pioneer DEH-205 Car CD



I got this CD car sterio from a rummage sale and didn't notice the wire harness that plugs in the back of the stereo was missing. I have 8 wires in this harness, I can't tell which wire is Power, Ground or Speaker and so on. Is their anyone out there who could at least tell me the color coding from left to right looking at the back of the stereo. :(



orange is power, 12 volts dc used for the clock and memory.
Blue is used to excite an aux., amp.
Red is switched 12 volts dc.
black is ground.

The rest of the wires are for speakers, right & left front, right & left rear.

if you are just trying to see if it works, you don't need to worry about the blue wire.... just tie the red and orange together, hook to the + and the black to the - of a good 12 volt source. Add a couple of speakers and you'll have a pretty nice stereo system.

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