Where do you find new music?



Youtube is my best friend now for this purpose. But sometimes subscriptions are also helpful.


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I went over to Amazon HD for awhile but every once in awhile, I see where Pandora takes me and lately they have been knocking it out of the park with 'new-to-me' material, and a lot of it. Amazon seems to glitch up a bit and start recycling the same bucket of songs like a set list.

Pandora has been just keeping me looking at the credits to see who it is so I can see what else they have. Been on since around 11 AM (is now almost 9 PM) and I don't believe I have heard the same song twice. All of this based on a station created by a single group. They have also managed to stay within the relative category.


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Have you heard about the guy who went to a pawn shop because he wanted to buy an old radio.

The clerk asked him "Why do you want an old radio?"

Client: "I wish to listen to old music!"
Bobby Bass

Bobby Bass

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My kids keep me up to date on the latest and greatest. Helps me keep one ear out of the tar pits. Get email updates from Qobuz and suggestions from Spotify and Amazon. Most of my new music is reissues of classic stuff with previously unreleased material including live shows.

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