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Backyard Hockey (2005)- Surprisingly does work on Win 10. I'm not sure why I bought it beyond nostalgia? Oh well, funny story is seller sends me a message asking me if I still want it cause he found a few scratches on it but still plays fine. I said yeah, and he said 'great cause I'd been trying to sell this for a year.' LOL


I've been playing COD: BO Cold War since launch on my Series X and it's almost as good as my favorite FPS of recent years: COD BO2. Other than that I've been playing through The Medium when I want something slower, and downloaded Observation to try out when I finish The Medium.

I thought the dual experience feature of The Medium was fun at first, then a gimmick. But as I play more it's actually a really interesting idea that they implemented well. It truly adds depth to the experience.

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