Speaker and subwoofer upgrades for your budget minded system



Trying to sell off some of the excess gear I’ve acquired. Everything is in great shape and performs as good as the day it left the factory unless otherwise noted. All items are also cross posted.

1) Mirage Omni 260 Omnipolar tower speakers. Retailed for $1,000 and were given glowing reviews from numerous A/V websites. I have two pairs and this pair hasn’t been used in over a year and a half. Before that I was using all 4 for my L/R/Ls/Rs with an OMD-C2 as the receiver I had wasn’t doing to well trying to drive a pair of OMD-28’s,OMD-15’s, OMD-5’s and an OMD-C2. The 260 was the first speaker to use the “Omnipolar” technology engineered by Andrew Welker and was used in every Mirage subsequent line of Mirage speakers. It uses a 1” pure titanium hybrid tweeter (widely regarded as a phenomenal tweeter) mounted in a spoon like module and firing upward above a 6.5” titanium vapor deposit polypropylene midrange that’s mounted at an angle with an identical 6.5” driver below it firing forward with a 6” tuned port below that. It’s rated at 35hz-22,000hz and 200 watts max RMS. They have an 8ohm nominal rating and are extremely easy to drive with a 93dB sensitivity rating. I will ship them in the factory boxes, well insulated with the original two piece grills and user manuals. I’m looking to get $400 with free shipping.

2) Mirage Omnisat Satellite speakers. I have a pair of these that I bought years ago when Tweeter was closing down. They ended up being used as surrounds for about a year. I have the original bracket keyhole mounts for wall or ceiling mounting as well as the grills and user manuals. These are great when paired with a small sub for a compact 2.1 system or for use as surround or Atmos/DTS:X speakers. They have an angled 4.5” titanium vapor deposit midrange with the same pure titanium hybrid tweeter mounted in an Omniguide over it. Looking to get $130+SH.

3) Energy RC Micro (pair) and RC Micro center channel. I was given this 5 speaker set unopened and only opened it to give a pair to my father to use as laptop speakers with a small Class T amp. I have no use for the other 3, the center channel has two 2.75” drivers with a .75” aluminum dome tweeter and the Micro satts each have a single identical driver and tweeter. Comes in the original box with user manual, removable keyhole mounting bracket and grills. Price is $50 shipped.

4) Definitive Technology ProCinema 100 speakers. I have two pairs of these, I used them as my height layer until finding the appropriate mounts for the OMD5’s that replaced them. They’re very similar to the ProCinema 800’s but with a larger cabinet, no top firing passive radiator and the midrange isn’t a BDSS driver, it’s the 5.25” cast-basket bass midrange driver they used in the BP, ST, CLR and SR series of speakers as is the pure aluminum dome 1” tweeter. They’re solidly built and much heavier than you expect them to weigh and they exceeded my expectations in terms of sound quality and clarity. Def Tech claims a frequency response of 50hz-30,000hz but in the real world where enthusiasm isn’t a replacement for actual audible performance I would cross them over at 100-120hz depending on your room. Looking to get $100/pr or all 4 for $150+SH.

I’ll be listing some subs relatively soon as well as more speakers

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