RTJ MASSIVE Modular Sub/Sat Speaker System Review!



Audioholics Master Chief
What do you get when you give a speaker designer free range to create a home installers dream? The RTJ 410 and RT18Sub is the creation of Jeff Permanian, owner of JTR Speakers and the new company, RTJ Audio. Jeff gave us a pop-up demonstration at the Audioholics Smart Home last year and the results were...amazing! In this review, we discuss the design philosophy of Jeff Permanian and RTJ Speakers. We also do a listening comparison to Gene's RBH Sound SVTRS Active speaker system. Matt includes measurements of this new RTJ super speaker system.


Read: RTJ 410 and RTJ18 Modular Sub/Sat Speaker System Review



Audioholic General
Would like to have the RTJ18 go up against the Perlisten D215. Would also like to see a show down of the RTJ410 go up against the JBL M2.

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