RSL Digs Deep to 16Hz with new Speedwoofer 12S for $800!



Yes I'm sure he is a degenerate as he talks like a broke ass peasant.


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Humans don't hear subsonic freqs, so either you are non-human or yet another RSL sales bot.
He literally said "subsonic" meaning below hearing range. Which any intelligent person in this hobby would take as an implied statement of OP saying he "felt it".
William Lemmerhirt

William Lemmerhirt

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I never feel insulted by sales bots idiots and degenerates, relax. End of story.
I guess you get used to those things by talking to yourself all the time.
Btw. You still haven’t offered any better sub offerings to illustrate your point. You know, like you’ve been asked for. A couple times…

  • SVS Sound Subwoofers
  • Experience the Martin Logan Montis