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RBH confirmed that center speaker listing on eBay is legit :) so that's one problem solved! Thanks all.

... and then they reached out again to say they have a B-stock rosewood cabinet they could build up for me! Will have to weigh the cost but their customer service is indeed excellent.
I'm glad we could be helpful. I have been a customer of them for a long time for a reason theyre products are some of the best at any price point and they treat they're customers like they are made of GOLD. They are indeed the best. Hopefully you can spring for the Rosewood cabinet a matching center from RBH would be awesome!


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Thanks for those! Unfortunately my receiver only can do 4 ohms for the front speakers, 6 ohms for other speakers; the 661-SV in that listing says 4 ohms.
It may very well be fine, that's true. And it isn't a large room, no. The receiver is a Yamaha TSR-700, not that high-end maybe but it works great for me.
That’s a $700 Yamaha AVR, so although not mid- or high-end, should be fine with the SV661 center and 6500 towers.

Now all you need is a pair of the RBH SV-61 bookshelf for your surround and you’re set. :D


Realized I never updated with what I ended up with - RBH was able to help me out and even though these speakers are discontinued they made me a center and surrounds from B-stock cabinets they had left over (very minor rippling in the finish, can hardly tell at all.) I got four MC-4-C speakers from eBay to use as heights and even though my room isn't acoustically perfect, shall we say, it all sounds great and even more so when I upgraded to an Anthem MRX 740 with ARC. Kind of feel like I leapfrogged right to the top in some regards... but to me the results have opened up a whole new world where I can re-experience my favorite music and hear new music in a state of increased appreciation and enjoyment.

This is not really RBH-specific, but there is a second sub not pictured behind me facing the main sub and without being able to easily and quickly take and compare measurements it would not have been possible to place it correctly. In my case I used ARC but I'm sure REW or other programs could do the same. It really is a game of inches between good and bad, and most of the places I thought would be good actually ended up making things worse than just have one sub. With ARC and the SVS app, I was able to first measure them individually to find the best placement (turns out for the main one it likes being right against the wall, for example) and apply some EQ in the app, then plug them both in and taking measurements properly set the delay on the closer one, then run ARC with it treating them as one combined sub, with great results. If you just take two subs and put them where you think it'll work and hope for the best... you're going to need a lot of luck.
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