WWE favorite performers.

  • I watch WWE because , the Lady's are amazingly professional Female wrestlers!

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • I watch WWE because the Men are professional wrestling

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  • I have no preference of Gender, WWE is the greatest entertaining sport ever!

    Votes: 1 33.3%

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Replicant 7

Replicant 7

Audioholic Samurai
Our family are all horror film fans. She tried to break into horror films, but Hollywood is a tough thing to break into. She was actually on a local late night show KOFY Creepy TV time that showed classic horror films.
She is a beautiful young lady for sure! For some reason I don't think she would stoop down to the level of the casting couch thing in Hollywood. Something tells me no film producer or director in his right mind would approach her with something like that. She'd beat the sh$t out of them. :)


Audioholics Five-0
One of my earliest memories was a PPV match at my uncle’s house. Rick Flair vs the Macho Man. One of the first activities I’m doing after my troubles is taking the family to Monday Night Raw. Yeah, I’m good with it.

Favorites? It’s tough, but I like the Miz. Cutting sense of humor (You’re right, we can’t see you. Your movies aren’t in theaters long enough!), check. Seemingly down to Earth in reality? Check. Watched him on Real World? Check. Wife went to Miami with him? Check.

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