Once again: what are you listening to now?



Audioholic Ninja
Needed something lighthearted to break up the day. This video had me in stitches!


Audioholic Ninja
And from the "WTF are they doing in Japan" topic, some Babymetal. Leave it to the Japanese to combine J-pop idols with heavy metal.

And if you like maids, these girls are actually pretty damn good.


Audioholic Spartan
Ever wonder what Chris Isaak’s and Sia’s lovechild would look and sound like? Very interesting, great voice.


Audioholic Warlord
It's an older album but one I never got familiar with until recently. Mudvayne's "L.D. 50". It's their first LP and has the hit single "Dig" on it.

That song I was familiar with, but was pretty dismissive mainly because of the facepaint and makeup... well, there's more to them than that. "Dig" is actually pretty intricate, as is a lot of their other music. The bass line is unique and tricky to play so @Eppie might appreciate this cover I stumbled across.

That does not look easy to play at all! Currently "Prod" is my favorite song on the album. It's a trip because the whole song is almost entirely in one chord. The arrangement is what makes it good. I just love the heaviness of the guitar, then when the bass kicks in the beginning... phew. Goosebumps. Chicken skin... just damned good, imo.

Easily top 5 metal albums for me. There albums after that never came close.

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