Once again: what are you listening to now?



Audioholic Jedi
This is/was a group based from Sacremento.....its a weird group but I like them.... This is one of the best recorded CDs I've ever come across.

Cake is one of my favorites. All the people I know from Sacratomato are kinda weird, tho. :) Well done recordings do seem to be the rule with them.


Audioholic Samurai
Man I used to like the Guess Who way back in the 60s. Later member Randy Bachman founded BTO in the 70s. Haven't listened to either in a while thanks for the memories. :)


Audioholic Spartan
This is simply the rock of the milennium, late Kim Larsen was king of Denmark, King of Norway
There is simply no way he can be overrated ... when there were concerts audicence would never let him go .... only on Kim Larsen concerts would there be 12 extra songs, after the concert really should have ended


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