Help on setting up a home karaoke system with Yamaha YAS-408 soundbar



I have an Android TV box hooked up via HDMI to my YAS-408 soundbar and then via HDMI (ARC) to HDMI (ARC) on my TV. Not the best of home theatre system by far, but it works great and I'm fairly happy with the sound. I now need to hook up a small mixer to the system for a simple home karaoke setup.
I understand that I need a mixer but there are so many out there I'm not sure which one to buy. I hear that the HDMI abled mixers are plagued by lag.

Here are the connections available to me:
Haier TV: 3 x HDMI - no optical
Yamaha YAS-408: HDMIIn & HDMI (ARC), 1 Optical In, 1 Analog
Android Box: HDMI + Optical out

What mixer would you get for a budget system and how would you hook it up?
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