Good news everyone!



Audioholic Samurai

My country was struck by a series of strong and devastating earthquakes. But let's look at the good in all the bad;

Many chefs from closed restaurants due to covid, went to quake-struck areas and they are cooking for people for free.

All parts of my country sent help. So much so that the logistics of distributing was a real challenge.

Many camps donated trailers as these are means of housing while houses get renovated.

Many neighboring countries sent financial help and bungalow-houses.

I was lucky enough to be able to help several families; blankets, duvets, food, shoes, money...

Many soccer supporting groups made organized trips to clear the debris.

Baybe food, hygiene products, heaters, electricity...

One young lady from neighboring Slovenia (Melania's home country) saw that farma animals are hungry, she sat in a huge truck and brough tones of food for animals.

Army, Red Cross, Medical staff, Volunteers, they were, of course given priority for vaccination...

It doesn't change the tragedy, but I think these people will not feel forgotten.

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