FS: McIntosh C39 preamplifier



Up for sale is my McIntosh C39 preamplifier in excellent condition. The unit functions perfectly with no dings, dents or scratches. It is well-cared for by me and yields beautiful mcIntosh sounds. It also comes with the original remote control.
I'm asking $975 plus shipping only in continental US




Audioholic Slumlord
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i think that pricing is aggressive. That is an old Prologic preamp and pre HDMI. So past the analog sunset it is no use in AV much nor as a surround multichannel preamp. So in effect you have a bulky two channel audio unit with a bunch of connections on the back which will never be used. Also the unit is not on the recommended list of Mcintosh products on vintage audio. My friend had one which was sold some years ago and only fetched about $250 on Audiogon.

I know these units are offered for sale at your price, but I can't find one that sold at that price. I would put its value somewhere south of $500.00. At that you might get a bite.

Just for disclosure I have no interest whatever in the purchase of that unit. I would never consider a purchase of that unit like that.

For those reasons the older audio only McIntosh stereo units fetch much higher prices. I know you have enjoyed the unit, but it is not a highly saleable item, and may be a tough sale at any price.

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