First time DIY XO build, random questions



Audioholic Spartan
When coming up with a crossover board layout, I find it useful to print a copy of this diagram and keep it nearby. Use alignment examples 1, 6, or 7. In your small 2-way, you might have a tough time finding 20 cm (8") as shown for #1. Do the best you can with the available space.

Align iron or steel core inductors with other inductors on the board the same as you would air core inductors. The iron or steel bar goes through the coiled wire hole in the same direction as you would look through the doughnut hole of an air core inductor.

You can find it here:
View attachment 39683
Still as good as it is from way back in post #5! ;)

If you're really worried about that extra ¼" internal cabinet depth...
I'm not really worried, though Dennis suggested in the BR-1 cabinet, it will affect the lower end.

The cabinet I'm planning out right now will be .55 cu.ft instead of .52. Nothing more than that. Rough accounting for the new port and other internal losses to volume should bring it back to even. I'll get it modeled soon, I hope, for conformation.

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