Denon AVR-x3700H issues



Seriously, I have no life.
I purchased my Denon 3700h in April of 2021. Worked well for a year then first had trouble switching between video sources now will not emit sound or video. Magnolia(Best buy)came out and said I need to get a replacement. The 3700h had a 2year complete warranty. My salesman said the 3700h is discontinued and will need to pay more for a 3800h.
That is a disgrace and awful customer service, if not fraud. Best Buy should issue you with a new 3800h no questions asked, of they can not repair or replace the 3700h.

Receivers are now coming close to not fit for purpose. There are just far too many of these issues. Now this technology is becoming mature, these units should be expected to have a 20 year lifespan at least. This sort of thing will kill this hobby and force everyone to reach for the cheapest disposable sound bar.

These units need to be reliable, and if that means at least automobile grade electronic components and a price increase so be it. Reliability of modern home electronics is nowhere near where it should, and needs to be.

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