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<font color='#000000'>FYI, while we await Gene's upcomming review, Kris Deering of Secrets of Home Theater and HiFi, has supplemented his review of the Denon 5900. Here is a link:

It is intresting to note that at the end of the review, even Kris wonders what additional aftermarket audio upgrades in the analog circuitry and OP amp areas from Underwood HiFi or Wright Mods would do to this outstanding unit.
Some people, I swear.


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<font color='#000000'>Hi Pat;

I am trying to get to it, but finishing up a 16 page review of the new RBH T System, among other things.  We have been getting flooded with product review requests from manufacturers since CES and there appears to be no end!  I think we need more writers ;)

In the meantime, after perusing the one page review at Secrets of the DVD-5900, you can take a look at the tech info and set-up stuff we already posted at:

Denon DVD-5900 First Look

Denon DVD-5900 Contrast Bug or Configuration

Or do a Google Search

As for modding the audio section on the DVD-5900, I would recommend saving your money for good wine and spirits.  There is NO need to do this IMO, and in many cases can do more harm then good.  Ask yourself who knows more about the design metrics of the player, Denon Engineers, or some mom and pop shop tech?  With a precision player such as this, I would be afraid of messing up video, or inducing RFI/EMI issues, etc. In the past I had a company modify a cheap SACD changer and it did seem to improve fidelity marginally, but now I hear clicks and pops when I turn the unit on, and a high white noise for the first few seconds of operation since they removed the series DC blocking caps.  Luckily the player only cost me $200, so no harm done.  

I have the schematics for the DVD-5900 and it already utilizes an excellent power supply and analog circuitry so unless the modder is going to implement a fully differential analog stage from input to output (unlikely), I would have reservations.

In any event, I suppose it will be interesting to hear what people perceive the improvements will be.</font>

pat conlon

<font color='#000000'>Hey Gene,
I know you're swamped and I am looking forward to your in depth review of the 5900 at the end of Feb. or beginning of March......Remember, you've committed yourself &nbsp;

What I noticed in the Home Theater HiFi benchmark review on the video side of the 5900 is the different score between the &quot;auto 1&quot; and &quot;auto 2&quot; settings. It seems that the &quot;auto 1&quot; failed their benchmark review in the catagories of 2-2 Cadence and Film Flags....Both auto 1 and auto 2 failed the benchmark testing in responsiveness area....
I will see what you come up with.

I tend to agree with you on the aftermarket mods.....I would have to hear them to believe them, and I don't think my hearing is that good.

Thanks for your reply....Now get back to work &nbsp;
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