Ascend Sierra Tower + Emotiva XPA-11 = Burnt Voicecoil



Audioholic Slumlord
You need a set of Cerwin Vegas for your future party needs :cool:
Or, rent a PA.

When I worked at a stereo store, one of the guys had a party- his stereo wasn't powerful enough to handle outdoor use by itself so, among the other invitees, were some friends who had decent stereos and the same model of speakers. We connected five integrated amplifiers to six pairs of speakers, with the sources connected to one amp and the others daisy chained using the Preamp Out and Power Amp In jacks with a Y cord at each amp. One integrated amp was connected to two pairs but the others were each connected to one pair- the more powerful amp was rated at 60W/channel, the rest were either 30W or 50W per channel totaling 200W/channel of rated power and with six pairs of speakers we never had to crank the volume control past about 10:00. When the police came to ask us to decrease the level, the first thing they said was that it sounded really good and asked about the small pyramid of speakers.


No one messed with the volume setting guys. It was all me.... But, implementing the limiter is a good idea. Also got a cheapo SPL meter and will take some measurements today.

Dave responded as well, and had this to say & ask as next steps:
90mv is a bit high, typically, any DC offset should remain below 50mv. However, 90mv wouldn't be enough to take out both midrange drivers.​
Next step is to run the same test, but run it for a while under load with moderate to loud volume to let the amp heat up. With output transistors, sometimes the solder joints breakdown over time such that when they get hot, they expand and those joints fail.​

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