All channels driven ratings



Audioholic Intern
Hey guys, is there a formula I can calculate how much power (watts) i'm using at a certain volume level? Just curious how that works when considering my avr does 2 x 95 W at 8 Ω 2 channel driven.


Audioholic Samurai
That's the first time you've run into that around here?
Yep never really looked at it closely as I never really cared how loud my 2 channel system could play. I live in a 5th floor apt with the HK and Infinity Primus 363s so loudness was never an issue. I do also have some 163s but rarely play them both at the same time. Before that I had a Kenwood Basic 105 wpc with some Time Windows so that was plenty loud in the small house I rented back then. So once again thanks.

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