All Cerwin Vega 7.1 Surround with 4 subwoofers



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Pioneer VSX - 522 140w x 5
5.1 but have the front height preouts running to an Onkyo M-5140 amp. So really 7.1

CV e-312 (Main L/R)
CV e-710 (Front Height L/R)
CV XLS6c (Center)
CV VS100 (Surround L/R)

CV LW10 Powered 10" subwoofer

Crunch 5050.5 1000w mobile audio amp
14v regulated power supply
3 farad capacitor

CV H4124D 12" HED Mobile subwoofer in a vented box tuned to 33hz

2 CV H4104D 10" HED Mobile subwoofers in Labyrinth vented boxes tuned to 44hz

60" Samsung Plasma

Zombie wrapped PS3

Sony blue ray

10.1 tablet connected to TV thru HDMI








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Saving up some pennies so I can get another 12" CV HED sub and a Crown xls1000 amp to power both 12"s and put the mobile amp and the 2 mobile 10"s in my SUV where they belong.


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I do enjoy Cerwins when I want to play it loud but I am thinking you have a small love affair with the Vega. Does your SO know about this?


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I do enjoy Cerwins when I want to play it loud but I am thinking you have a small love affair with the Vega. Does your SO know about this?

Lol yeah its a love 4sure (not sticky stuff on my ports kinda love tho) and she acts like she hates it but she loves it deep down ;)

Just added another 12" subwoofer and built some custom triport boxes for them and a crown xls1000 to power em. I have em both now just haven't taken a pic yet.


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My first set of real speakers back in my high school days was a set of Cerwin Vega D-2s. I just loved the red surrounds on the woofers. I lusted for the D-9s but the 2s served me well for a # of years. I can still see the woofers moving to Sir Mix-Alot My Posse's on Broadway in my head ;)


Damn Dude!!!!


I had a pair of cerwins in the 90's that I just fing loved...I like the old thump a if you cant feel the music in your entire body just isn't I want the capability to watch TV/movies in the way one was intended.
I'm just beginning my collection of you
recommend the
Cerwin-Vega XLS-28 Dual 3-Way Home Audio Floor Tower Speakers?

I currently own one Cerwin Vega SL45C Quad 5 Speaker for my center speaker and two Cerwin-Vega XLS-6 2-Way Home Audio Bookshelf Speakers for my S speakers...which I LOVE!

I am wanting to replace.... Two Old Fisher ST-515/St -515B 240 Watts used for my front speakers and Two Kenwood JL- 980AV 180 Watts used as my back SB speakers that I am powering with a Yamaha Reciever TSR-5790 7.1...hey I like Yammies....and trust me this receiver does the job.....

I like old school rock....pls give me your opinion...

TY in advance


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