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Nice! I need to find a big lot to build a home on. 2-6 acres preferably. How are the winter months? Any place that stays above 30 in Jan and Feb. are a win in my book. Been in WI/MN my whole life and am sick of these dumb winters. Only thing that keeps me here are the high paying jobs.
Definitely a lot lands in OK. My house is on 1.33 acres. Some of my neighbors bought 3 lots, so they're on 4 acre lands with a lot of trees. :D

I think winters are decent. We have about 1 ice storm per year usually in Jan or Feb. But for the most parts, temps seem to be above 30F most of the time, especially during the day time. Nights may dip below 30F.

Developed lands (ready to build) in Mustang/Yukon are like $75K/acre, but in Edmond and Norman, they're like $300K/acre just 24 minutes away. So most people in Edmond and Norman usually have lots that are $150K/0.5 acre or $125K/0.33 acre, not 1.0 acre and not 2.0 acres. :D

When I bought my lot 3 years ago, I could have bought 2 lots side-by-side to make 2.6 acres for $140K.

Of course, in OK, everyone has an underground tornado shelter, which usually costs $3K to $5K.
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Yep. Every year. The movie “Twister” was set in Oklahoma.

I can’t recall a year where we didn’t have some kind of tornado warning.
Which is alright. All you need are some leather straps, tied to a pole and you'll be fine. Even if an F5 strikes! haha!


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Got an update on the new 2020 Yamaha models from my Yamaha Rep. Supposed to be available this year in Oct/Nov.
Nice! thanks Sir!!! Just ran across Yamahas new V line also has the new look also.
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