2022 Denon av-receiver models leaked



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Sorry if I missed these details if already explained, but which models have balanced pre outs and do those provide any benefit over the RCA pre outs?
For Denon AVRs, only the flagship model has them, and are for the Sub outs, though one poster claimed they were assignable. Whether they could be assigned (the unused ones) to the FL/FR or not we will have to wait until the owner's manuals are out, unless Denon update the product info to include such info.

XLR outputs 2X that of the RCA unbalanced outputs. That can be useful, depending on the specs of the amp you are driving. One reason I don't prefer to use the mini dsp 2XHD is that its outputs are rated 2 V only. For subs, I would feel better with 4 volts.


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Just to clear up one thing. Dirac absolutely requires specific hardware. If it's already built-in, you are good to go for the software later. However, Dirac is not backwards compatible, meaning every existing older D+M model will never be getting a Dirac update, no matter what happens. Just wanted everyone to know that straight away, as I've seen others get confused by this before.
The current/new DSP processor (analog devices Griffin) is a higher speed version of the same processor previously used in the 700 series - it runs the same software...

So in hardware terms, the same stuff could be run on the older generation.

In CPU cycles and RAM requirements terms, if it can run Audyssey, it can run Dirac Live...

Which isn't to say that they will release DL for earlier models - I doubt that!


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Next question - how much will the Dirac Live Software update cost, $200?

That would make the x3800 $1900. :D
Yes but DLBC will be an additional fee - and MultiSub DLBC with full range DL is circa US$800 according to the Dirac price list online. Which would make the X3800 US$2500.... that is getting up there!


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The new models are now up on Best Buy, but they all say, "sold out". Also, no discounts available on X700 models.

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