yamaha RX-V1400RDS help!!



can anyone help me, I have a yamaha rx-v1400rds amp, i`m not sure how to get 5.1 sound from Dvd`s. i`ve connected my jvc xv-s302 dvd player to amp as per instructions and run auto set up on amp but instruction book has now totally confused me!!!! Any simple advice would be a great help. cheers Grant.


5.1 Sound

One of the simplest ways is to hit the "straight" button on your remote. This will pass the audio through your receiver unprocessed, i.e. 5.1 sound will come from the DVD as it was originally recorded and not altered in any way.


You said you have it connected per the instructions. Just want to make sure that you have an optical cable running from your dvd to your reciever... right... I think the reciever comes in an auto mode which will detect the signal coming from your dvd, and if it's dolby digital 5.1/dts, etc. it will play it back to you provided you have the speakers set up to play it. That being said some older movies are recorded in dolby digital 5.1 but you have to go into the movie menu and set it up... You should have a button on your remote labled for dolby digital... You can press this button several times to different types of dolby digital (ex, for enhanced)...

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