Yamaha AV Receiver to Pair with my Wharfedale 4.4 speakers?



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Is it possible to have one set of front speakers for home theater and a different set for music? Would that be a 2nd zone?
2nd Zone is the 2nd room/area. For my RX-A3080, the 2nd Zone is for the 2 speakers in the back porch.

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If you want to listen to music only in the 2nd zone do you mute the main zone?
You can LEAVE the main zone OFF and just turn the 2nd Zone ON.

I get out that MusicCast App on my iPad or phone. Turn on the power to Back Porch (which is my 2nd Zone). So the Main Zone (my Family Room) is not even turned on.


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I can't figure out where that setting is....
Yes, NEVER turn on ECO mode or set the speaker impedance to anything other than 8 ohms or you will seriously current limit the amp section of these receivers. On Yamaha's integrated amps, it is a switch on the back. On this receiver, i think you have to hold the "straight" button and power on the main zone to get into the interface for switching speaker impedance. I have the A-3080, so i'm not sure what it is for the A-1080.

By default, it should be set to 8 ohms.
Under the "information" section/system/ verify that it is set to 8 ohms before you start cranking it up.

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