Why do subwoofers need to be so big and heavy?



Audioholic Overlord
Hiz might be bigger...
but as a friend wisely said...
Its not the size of the screen, but the refresh rate!
:cool: ...Love to the 'Zilla!

These boxes are 24x29x32"H for a 17x23" footprint sub. When FedEx rolled up the gate and I saw this box, all I could think of was... Damn glad I didn't buy the monolith! or a pb16 or a fv25 or a.................

And then I laughed.
and laughed.

All I need now is an AVR and some Philharmonic speakers!

Much love to you all.
So grateful I joined the forum here, have had a chance to learn, and get turned on to some seriously cool stuff!
Peace Love and Sanity to you all as we wrap up the year. I'll share the end result somewhere.
And I'll be around!

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