Where do you find new music?



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I used to find all my music on the radio, but as time went on my tastes changed and the radio seemed to keep playing the same generic music.
Now I listen to internet radio and Pandora and then check the albums out on imeem.com to see if I like more than just one song. Internet radio is great for finding very specific genres of music, something you'd never find on normal radio. Lately I've been having a lot of fun on Pandora setting up stations for whatever mood I'm in.
That pandora internet radio seems really cool, too bad that site is retriscted to anywhere outside the united states.



Local community radio in Perth Western Australia - check the stream of the 'rockin the roots' show


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I used to DJ latenight at a radio station so that for one.. Word of mouth, downloading torrents and soulseek and then buying what I like out of what I have downloaded of course! (mp3s are usually crappy quality anyway) message boards, talking at the local record store to the people that work there, concerts (bands which open for the bands which I go to see, or more often- I go to see the opener and like the band they opened for as well ;) ) Bands on the same record labels as bands I already like, wikipedia, bands which members of bands I already know about have been in...the list goes on!

edit: pandora is also great. Its a bit off at times but http://www.music-map.com/ too!


i find new music lots of ways. itunes, myspace, shows, friends..


I use Itunes (Genius tool) lately, and also Pandora. I'll accept certain friends suggestions too.


Often through friends. I'll usually hear a song or two by a band I like, get that album on my iPod, and then buy up their catalogue, if I feel so inclined.


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I find a lot of my music through word-of-mouth. I have a really good circle of friends who are all into music and I also always look at the "what are you listening to now" posts that are abundant on several forums.



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Am I a bad person for using Rhapsody? I think it's alright, and I'm enjoying it for now.

I need to try Pandora...I've known about it for years and have never made my way over there. :confused:


Simple enough - how do you find out about new music? Is it a website? A magazine? TV? XM? FM? Do you actually go into a record store (remember those?) and flip through the discs?
I found it at Imeem...Try to visit that site it's really nice.


daytrotter has a large selection of tracks recorded by the artists specifically for the site. it's mostly newer music and it gives you a chance to preview an artists before buying their album. they also have nice interviews and articles about the bands


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Add another Pandora user. I stream it through my Transporter (Squeezebox) when I want to hear something different... punch in an artist I like and it builds a station around it. Keep up with the "I like this song", "I don't like this song" and it does a fantastic job of finding music that I like.

Best source for me has been friends/word-of-mouth. For a few weeks in a row a co-worker and I tried to bring in 5 CDs each day for the other guy to listen to, and based our selections both on what we knew the other liked and what we thought they should hear. Over all I think we did pretty good, both of us really liked around 70% of what we traded. That exchange led to me buying a copy of most of the titles that we traded.
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the grunt

birdonthebeach said:
Simple enough - how do you find out about new music? Is it a website? A magazine? TV? XM? FM? Do you actually go into a record store (remember those?) and flip through the discs?
I use several sources.

Recommendations from members in the “Hearing Things” thread on the Axiom forum.

Recommendations from the owner of a local audio shop.

However, mostly I use the program AudialsOne:


In short it’s three programs in one. One monitors internet radio stations and downloads tracks based on many criteria you can choose. Another searches sites for downloadable tracks and the third allows conversion between multiple formats.

The first day I left the “Radio Tracker” program running it downloaded over 1200 tracks from the genre I told it to search for. Presently I’ve got over 17,000 tracks (some duplicates but most are filtered out and a few thousand i didn't like and deleted) Using it I’ve found a couple hundred new artists I like and counting.

The “Mp3VideoRaptor” part of the program is great for finding tracks quickly when someone recommends something. The other day I was recommended “Melt Banana” so I plugged them in and 10 minutes later had about 15 of their songs to listen to.

Most of what it finds are MP3s but it’s a great way to give someone a listen before forking over the money for a CD.

I posted what I thought of it on the Axiom forum:



P.S. if you use AudialsOne you’ll need some sort of media organizing software or the sheer number of tracks it finds will overwhelm you.


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If you use the iTunes Store, the Genius feature is a nice way to find new music. I discovered "Spoon" on there!

Apart from that, whenever I am out and about, I flip through the radio and take a listen at what is new and what is popular. Most of the time, it's crap, but sometimes the Rock stations play pretty sweet stuff.

Of course, there are the numerous times that I heard a song in a movie! :rolleyes:


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The last two albums that I absolutely love were found by accident. I was at HMV and heard "Tall trees" by Matt Mays and El Torpedo and also "Sex On Fire" by Kings Of Leon. On both occasions I went and asked what was playing then bought them with no regrets what-so-ever. Other than that, I usually buy what sounds good on Sirius Octane, which can be hit or miss.


I listen to XMU on xm, surf on imeem.com and buy CD's at amazon. I may be old school (but not way old school) but I want to have the CD not just the MP3.



Definitely a combo of things for me. local jazz and classical radio stations, Pandora or Last FM, Amazon recommended (lists and suggestions) and often times websites of the labels I like where I'll listen to clips and will buy based on that. I also have a local record store where you can listen to physical media before you buy (mad props to Everyday Music in Portland, w00t!!) so that makes me spend way too much money since what I want is right in front of me.



Pandora now comes on a standalone radio. It auto syncs with your online account but you can get Reciva too which has over 11,000 stations. So you get the best of both worlds when discovering new music. I use mine on a daily basis. You can check it out at livioradio.com. It's quick and easy to use and has limited if any commercials.


I find new music from my favorite radio station and sometimes I check billboard's website to see what's hot. If I got curious, I will just download the album on torrents.

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