What VINYL ONLY Are Ya Listening To? Thread! ;)



Audioholic Samurai
I’m not very familiar. Just heard a little bit but enjoyed it.
You mean you sampled it after seeing what I played here?

It's definitely a unique sound that you kind of had to grow up listening to during the late 80s into the 90s on the East Coast of America to appreciate.


Audioholic Field Marshall
My 2nd Lambert, Hendricks & Ross LP, was surprised to see this 1960 LP was virtually perfect, no scratches and just a couple 'pop' while playing!
The original owner must have known the right way to treat vinyl. I've got a used CD with scratches , how can that happen on a CD, the lens does not even touch the disc!
Improper handling of course.



Audioholic Warlord
The album is often considered the second in a trio of folk rock albums released by the band at the end of the 1970s, alongside Songs from the Wood (1977) and Stormwatch (1979). In contrast to the British folklore-inspired lyrical content found on Songs From the Wood, Heavy Horses adopts a more realist and earthly perspective of country living — the album and its title track are dedicated to the "indigenous working ponies and horses of Great Britain". Musically, the album sees the band continuing the combination of folk and progressive rock found on Songs From the Wood, although with an overall darker and more sober sound fitting the changed lyrical content.

Heavy Horses is the eleventh studio album by British progressive rock band Jethro Tull, released on 10 April 1978.

Released10 April 1978 (US)
21 April 1978 (UK)
RecordedMay 1977 - January 1978
StudioMaison Rouge Studio, Fulham, London
GenreFolk rock, progressive rock, hard rock
Length42:25 (original release)
43:11 (2018 remix)
ProducerIan Anderson

Jethro Tull

Additional personnel
  • Darryl Wayviolin (on "Acres Wild" and "Heavy Horses")
  • Shona Anderson – photography
  • Robin Black – sound engineer
  • James Cotier – photography
Tull thrifted! My first JT vinyl! Could not believe this was there. Clean A- condition. Whoa hopefully find more.

Replicant 7

Replicant 7

Audioholic Samurai
Thought I'd take a trip back, picked up this album back in 73. To this day still in very good shape. Sweet memories of a time gone by.


Audioholic Slumlord
I listened to and recorded these guys last night.



The band formed in 1968 and recorded only one album. Its too bad as these guys were really good.

They remind me of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band as they started to move to a more psychodelic blues. Its an outstanding album by any measure.

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