What VINYL ONLY Are Ya Listening To? Thread! ;)



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rather than waste bandwidth by posting in two separate threads (What new stuff have you bought... and What new VINYL only are you listening to...) I'm posting it all here! :cool:



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Good evening Musica pals!
Blind Faith
Blind Faith is the self-titled and only album by the English supergroup Blind Faith, originally released in 1969 on Polydor Records in the United Kingdom and Europe and on Atlantic Records in the United States. It topped the album charts in the UK, Canada and US, and was listed at No. 40 on the US Soul Albums chart. It has been certified platinum by the RIAA.
Found this tonight at my Thrift store! Alternative album cover. Never knew about this group. Only album together. I know the song Can't find my way home though. I see there is a Buddy Holly cover of Well All Right with Clapton singing lead. There is only 6 songs on here. COOL LUCKY FIND! :eek: In B+ condition. Happy birthday Toni-Puss wherever you are. :eek::p:oops:Carvel anyone?


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The Red One! Golden Ears first release, 180-G!-V baby!! Hi-Res Mode! Gotta trow in some Hi-Reg! What would the other Audiohools think without Hi-Res Definition. Guess some gotta get a BS Degree in one of them Fancy schools to understand Audio how it really sounds. :D
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Elton John - Greatest Hits
1974 at MCA records.
Legendary album of his Vol 1 hits. Found TS today! ✌Cleaned up real good. Some pops in B+ condition. Get back honky cat. Whoa!


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Bob Welch - Fresh Kiss
1977 at EMI
Picked this up today. The cover looked familiar, but didn't know the artist. Put the first song and dang if I knew it. Sentimental Lady was a hit. All songs written by Welch.
French Kiss is the solo debut by former Fleetwood Mac singer/guitarist Bob Welch. The songs, with the exception of "Sentimental Lady", were intended for a projected third album by Welch's previous band, Paris. However, the group fell apart in 1977 before recording could begin. So instead, Welch used these songs for his debut solo album.
For the most part, French Kiss presents a mix of hard rock guitar, disco-ish rhythms and sweeping strings. The big hits were "Ebony Eyes" (with backing vocals by Juice Newton), which peaked at number 14 in the US; and a revised version of "Sentimental Lady", a song that Welch had originally recorded with Fleetwood Mac in 1972 for the album Bare Trees, which peaked at number 8. "Hot Love, Cold World" also became a minor hit, which peaked at number 31.
The album itself peaked at number 12 in the US and later went platinum. It is Welch's best-selling album.


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I put on the first LP I ever bought to day.

I would have been six or at the most seven years old when I bought it. So the disc is 68 years old now.

I bought a couple of Garrard 301 turntables dirt cheap in Winnipeg in 1972 and 1973. Both were tossed in bins, one in an audio dealer in Winnipeg, the other in an old recording studio in Winnipeg, that had been removed from a radio station and tossed in the bin. These turntables were produced from 1958 to 1965. Now they are worth a small fortune. The Decca H4E I bought in 1972. So almost all of this is over the half century mark. It is playing through a tube Quad 22 preamp.

The disc is of a couple of Handel organ concertos. Concerto No.2 in B flat major, and concerto No 4 in F major. The performers are Geraint Jones, organ, with the Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Wilhelm Schooter. This was all long before the early music groups came into being, so this performance sounds really dated now.

As a young child Handel was my favorite composer and idol. Shortly after I bought this record I went a Promenade concert where Geraint Jones performed a Handel Organ concerto on the mighty RAH organ. Such an undertaking would be totally unthinkable today.

Talking of Handel, the tyrannical "Woke" brigade are venting their spleen because Handel had shares in the South Sea company. The South Sea company had some association with the slave trade. I doubt Handel knew that. I was furious with the SPCO who dredged all this nonsense up prior to their last broadcast of Messiah. So we had a bunch of talking heads contemplating their navels and largely airing drivel prior to the performance.
I can tell you I registered my severe disapproval with the SPCO leadership. None of them had the first clue as to the history and conditions of eighteenth century London and England. What I do know is that Handel was the first composer to earn a fortune from his compositions, and his performances as impresario. He was a tremendous benefactor and very generous to multiple institutions, especially hospitals and orphanages. He left his fortune to charity in his will.
It is issues like this that make me truly livid, with all this "woke cancel culture." I regard the whole lot of them as a clear and present danger. I don't care who I offend by opposing it. I will continue to fight it with vigor.

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