What is missing from Anthem AVM60?



Hey - after building a new house and moving 5 years ago, I am finally getting my HT system put back together.
I just ordered a JVC RS1000 to handle the video side, but am starting to realize that I may need to upgrade the audio side as well.

I currently have a Marantz AV7005 prepro..... which I understand will not pass 4K video through the HDMI output.

I am looking at the possible replacements, and Anthem's AVM60 looks to check all the boxes. My only hesitations is that it looks like it was rolled out back in late 2015 or early 2016.
I've read a bunch of forum posts that there is likely some sort of replacement in the works. I was hoping to hear something from the "virtual" CEDIA show, but so far I'm not seeing any news.

Looking into your crystal ball, if I went ahead and bought an AVM60 now, am I making a mistake not waiting to see if an AVM70 will be released in the near future?
I am currently planning on a 7.1 system, with thoughts of upgrading to a 7.2.4 system sometime down the road.... I don't have any plans of playing with 8K in the foreseeable future. My understanding is that the AVM60 could handle all of that just fine. As a guy who just wants things to work, I also kind of like the idea of buying a new AVP that has all the bugs worked out.

I've been out of this hobby for a bit and I'd love to hear your thoughts/ speculation on what a new AVM70 would likely offer me that the AVM60 won't have, so I can make an intelligent decision whether or not to pull the trigger on a AVM60. Thanks!


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Any new Pre-pro should have HDMI 2.1 for 8K video. Maybe DTSX Pro for like 16 speakers. But other than that, not much difference IMO.

So if all you care about is 4K and Dolby Atmos/DTSX now, then there is not a big reason to hold out for new models IMO.

BTW - awesome Projector! :D
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