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Joe B

Joe B

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Bernard Haitink leading the Berliner Philharmonkier in a performance of Gustav Mahler's "Symphony No. 6":

Joe B

Joe B

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Stephen Layton leading The Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge in choral music by Pawel Lukaszewski:

Beatus vir, Sanctus Paulus
Beatus vir, Sanctus Antonius
Beatus vir, Sanctus Martinus
Two Lenten Motets:

Memento mei, Domine
Crucem tuam adoramus, Domine
Ave Maria
O Antiphons:

O Sapientia
O Adonai
O Radix Jesse
O Clavis David
O Oriens
O Rex gentium
O Emmanuel
Psalmus 102
Nunc dimittis
Joe B

Joe B

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Ralph Allwood leading The Rodolfus Choir in choral music of Benjamin Britten and Paul Mealor:



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Budapest Symphony, Sofia Radio Symphony. Wagner selections...



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This one had some dust. Glad I pulled it from the olde shelf!


The Ravel quartet in particular is wonderful... especially mvt ii... the pizzicato always gets me! DeBussy is beatiful, of course.

The gem, though... is the Webern! This performance, at least for me, is stunning and powerfull; rich and deep! These four musicians sound as if a whole streichorchester is at work.

(For those that don't know the sad end of this great composer):
Death in Allied-administered Austria
On 15 September 1945, back at his home during the Allied occupation of Austria, Webern was shot and killed by an American Army soldier following the arrest of his son-in-law for black market activities. This incident occurred when, three-quarters of an hour before a curfew was to have gone into effect, he stepped outside the house so as not to disturb his sleeping grandchildren, in order to enjoy a few draws on a cigar given him that evening by his son-in-law. The soldier responsible for his death was U. S. Army cook PFC Raymond Norwood Bell of North Carolina, who was overcome by remorse and died of alcoholism in 1955.[69]
Joe B

Joe B

Audioholic Chief
Nigel Short leading Tenebrae in Joby Talbot's "Path of Miracles":

I traveled from Worchester, MA to Chicago by train last November to see Tenebrae perform this at the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel. I was in the front row, 4th seat on the right. Incredible experience. Joby Talbot was in Chicago for the opening of one of his operas, so he and Nigel Short did a talk before the concert. As Nigel Short said, "Path of Miracles" is unique in the choral repertoire. A great piece of music, performed by one of the best chamber choirs in the world.

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