What are you watching tonight?



Audioholic General
Any good? Two great leads.
Not bad; better than Nolan's recent attempts at delving into time travel...

Had an interesting concept -- that a designer drug transports you to moments in time, sometimes with deadly consequences -- that wasn't really fleshed out enough IMO. There was also, as per usual now, far too much emphasis on politically correct themes and SJW overtones that, frankly, I'm getting sick of having to endure from these studios and filmmakers (if you watch it, you'll see what I mean with regard to Mackie's character being confronted with the ghosts of slavery that really weren't necessary to make the point in the narrative).


Audioholic Jedi
On the suggestion for audio issues with the english dub got into the Lupin series on Netflix...can't wait now for part 2 release. What a tease! Good stuff IMO, but I'd suggest the original French soundtrack with subtitles over the English dub.


Audioholic Ninja
Started watching, Altered Carbon on Netflix's some freak sh$t man.


Going to finish off season 2 of The Umbrella Academy. I seriously love this show. It's amazing.

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