Understanding Loudspeaker Measurements, Part 1



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Again, more good stuff! Thank you. I hope there is more to come. :)


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Again, more good stuff! Thank you. I hope there is more to come. :)
Nope, that's it. Those were the graphs that we were getting asked about, so that's what I wrote about. The rest of the graphs aren't quite as cryptic, but if anyone has any questions, please ask and I can answer them here.


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All good things...

If it hasn't been... this (or at least the three write-ups) should get a sticky! Too much good info to trust a search feature to help find it!

Thanks again!!!


Any of you guys nearby of Daytona or Orlando Florida? Need help on some speakers I have around here that need the crossovers built and that’s where I’m not very unknowledgeable at

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If you are able to send me the data files in a csv format, I might be able to turn those files into spin-o-rama graphs, maybe.
OK, I will consider this :) I personally am getting weird values out of the GLL files - the data is there, but it is tricky to choose the right values to export into CSV. As for 3D3A data - it is even more advanced with impulse responses as a raw data. Finally CLF files are nearly impossible to expert data from with the basic viewer. I will look for more help with some of these if I find time for it. Thanks!

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