Triad Nano LCR vs Paradigm 1SC vs Sonance SB46-75



I am looking for thoughts and comments on these three LCR passive sound bars. We are designing a home theatre system in a new house that requires us to use a sound bar (its being mounted over a fireplace and the fireplace is surrounded by windows) and I have narrowed down our choices to these three based completely on asthetics -- these three are all incredibly thin - less than 2" and all will match up with the width and look of the 77" gallery LG OLED G1 TV. Based on looks, they all look great and will please the mrs as far as looking like art and not a giant TV in the living room. All three are all around the same high-dollar price. So really looking for thoughts on sound, quality, etc.

We are also installing Monitor Audio in the ceiling for surrounds and a Monitor audio sub that is hooked up to a Marantz SR5015.

Many Thanks!

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