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Please note that I did highlight that was the DL trial version (should have said Beta version) vs XT32. I am not now testing the final version, that is DL3 PC standalone. So far, without comparing to XT32, I got the impression that DL is a little better, objectively speaking only. Will try to find a way to compare it with Audyssey, but it would be difficult to do.

Sorry, made a serious typo..
Dirac DL is a little better than Audyssey XT32?
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Dirac DL is a little better than Audyssey XT32?
Hey Andrew, when I had a much better setup back in 2012, I had two 12" subs setup in it. The AVR I had at the time had Adyssey XT32, it really helped out with dialing both of those subs in. The front speakers where LSi-15's with a 8" sub mounted in the side of each speaker. Before I ran Adyssey my low-end was all over the place. So I gotta say as for helping out on the low-end was great. That setup was in the biggest room I've ever had a system in. Two added amps, 2 channel, 5 channel and two monoblock amps. Than I added a NAD Pre-Pro. Now, much smaller room and a modest setup. Which I do enjoy though.

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I always thought it took more amp power for bass frequencies, but I'm not a guru. As far as what's more influential then for sure thats in the range you guys are talking about. We're definitely most sensitive to those frequencies. Are you also saying it takes more power to produce them?
Here's a sidebar about "more amp power for bass
frequencies": I originally connected my sub, a 15 inch JBL B380 to a 300 watt amp. I learned that 300 watts was not sufficient power. Clipping was extraordinary, sounding like a sledge hammer hitting a steal pylon. The remedy was a 560 watt amp. No clipping since.


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I think $14k for a 500 watt 10" subwoofer is about as ridiculous as one could expect from Wilson Audio...
Ah yes. It is a consequence of buying a name rather than a subwoofer. Audiophoolery marches on.

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