There are soooo many speaker manufacturers.



... don't even bother then with headphones. Talk about SO many brands! o_O

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They were a Philharmonitor iteration that Dennis teamed up with someone in Asia to get produced at a relatively low price. I think they may have been a v2 of the Philharmonitor with the last he produced being v3.

Dennis sold them, but they had the Alexis branding on them and came from Asia.

For MY particular pair, I picked up a demo pair that Dennis had at one of the DC audio shows. I think they normally sold for $850 plus shipping, but Dennis sold me the demo for $800 even. I could be wrong about this, it was many years ago, but I know I got a modest discount.

But, all things considered, I preferred to do this b/c I knew that Dennis got the set in-hand before the show to check out before showing them off at the show. They are excellent speakers!

EDIT: If you read that link, I think they say it is "Alexis Tweeters" which is bogus. They are Fountek Neo Tweeters that simply have a round faceplate instead of the standard rectangle faceplate.

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Right you are. They were a bargain at $850, but the BMR was a considerable step up. I hadn't seen that review before. Thanks for the link.


How do you know which sound good. How do you know if you can’t hear them beforehand?

Just look here for a partial listing
So we all have to listen, do research and learn what companies out of all them do there homework and research to make a good speakers. A lot of us on this forum have listened to a lot. Iv’e been going through the same thing like you. I just what i want to call my first real speakers. Klipsch rp-160m. The bass is tight. Not muddy like cheaper mass produced speakers. We also have our own sound that sounds good. When we go into a high-end audio store and listen to brands like b&w, klipsch or other brands that cost more the reason those speakers sound good is cause the manufactures did there research. I was always myself being on a budget going with cheap brand speakers. Trying to get that sound signature. I wish i would have saved which i finally did and enjoy well manufactures speakers that sound good now. So it’s very much worth to take a drive if no audio store is close and listen for a day. Listen before taking home. Or go online route but make sure you can return. Its great to have the online prices we can find but not having a store to go into makes it hard.


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How do you know which sound good if you can’t hear them beforehand?
A. Go by speaker measurements
B. Go by Pro Reviews
C. Go by User Reviews/Forum
D. Go by your experience with previous speakers that have measurements
E. All of the above

Answer: E

  • SVS Sound Subwoofers
  • Experience the Martin Logan Montis