Tannoy Revolution XT 8f vs Klipsch RP-8000f



I was at my local high end audio store and was offered a pair of Demo Tannoy XT8f for 1600 out the door (about 200 hours on them),but I can't find much info about them online.

I can order a pair of Klipsch RP8000f for 960 out the door from Crutchfield. I have tried to audition the Klipsch but can't find a store locally that has them available to hear. The Tannoy sound fantastic but I want to know if it's worth the premium price and scarce availability worries me.

I wanted to spend about 1500 for a pair of towers and a center channel, but can swing the extra expense of ours worth it.

Do anyone have a opinion on Tannoy, being new to this I hadn't heard of them previously.


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Tannoys have a good reputation. I have always liked Tannoys when I have heard them, although they don't tend to be the most neutral speaker on the block. Some of them measure OK and others don't measure well, at least as far as accuracy is concerned. The Klipsch speaker is a neutral speaker, it is fairly accurate. It's a pretty safe bet if you just want a great sound. The Tannoys, I couldn't say much about, as I can't find any solid data on that particular model. My guess is that the Tannoy XT 8F is a more powerful speaker with a higher build quality and nicer finish, but perhaps with a more idiosyncratic sound, while the Klipsch speaker will simply be more accurate and perhaps a bit higher in fidelity.

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