Stolen by Canadian distributors



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<font color='#000000'>Pam:

You are missing my point??? Agreed that A/V prices are lower &nbsp;in the U.S., but we have a lot of advantages in other cost comparisons.

Also, see that I mentioned taxes were outrageous in both countries.

As you know, the Canadian government has been running a balanced budget for many years and actually paying down the debt. The U.S. has an huge escalating government debt (Iraq is expensive) that is going to haunt us in both countries.

Have you purchased your grey market receiver?



<font color='#000000'>No still looking.

For now I have two approach:
Expensive: A B-Stock AVR-5803 from an authorized dealer;

Less expensive:
- Yamaha 2400;
- Denon 3805;
- Outlaw combo (would allow to upgrade the controler without upgrading the amplifier which is the component that varies less in price and features).

I don't buy very often so I take my time. Also if I end up in US, I will buy from there...</font>


<font color='#000000'>One question.

Some people are talking about authorized dealers and the fact that an equipment manufacturers would
not honnor warranty on his own equipment if it did not went thru an authorized dealer...

What is the difference between a equipment maker that does not respect his warranty
because it has not gone thru authorized channels  (we are not talking about equipment that has been stolen)
and a father who does not recognize his child after making him/her.

You go to court with a DNA test and the father will be forced to pay for child support.

Or if you prefer, suppose a father makes a child in another country and does not recognize the child.</font>

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