*I apologize if this is in the wrong thread this is my first post. Will change accordingly if needed.

Im currently running 2 12inch kickers off of a 1500w audio pipe amp. The speakers sound great. No signs of distortion or being over powered. My issue is that when the bass hits (typically lows-mids) I hear this weird squealing sound coming from my trunk.
I had my rear bumper replaced in February due to being rear ended and ever since then I've heard this squeal. I've adjust my amp multiple times to try and resolve this but nothing works. Ive played strictly bass test songs to try and diagnosis this issue and can confidently say i dont think its coming from my speakers. I assume the squealing is coming from the actual trunk (either its not properly latching when closing it or the rubber trim pieces that help seal it are not doing what there supposed to) but am not positive and have no idea what to do.
Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated please and thank you!


Seriously, I have no life.
This isn't much of a car audio forum at all, altho this sounds more like a car problem as you mention. Try lubricating hinges or places that look like they could be contacting/rubbing? Maybe a sympathetic vibration. Was the trunk repaired?

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