Speaker enclosed in cabinet question



I am currently building a multimedia room in my new house. Space is somewhat restrictive and I was planning to build custom cabinetry for all of my new components. My question is, can I enclose my floor standing speakers in cabinetry. Currently, I am considering the Klipsch RF-7 but I don't want to invest the money in a speaker like that and then have the fact that the it is surrounded by cabinetry some how take away from the effect of the speaker.

The other alternative is to purchase smaller bookshelf type speakers and add a couple of subs but typically when I've been listening to music at various stores I have liked just 2 floorstanding speakers better than smaller bookshelves matched up with subs.

I've had a few guys tell me that you wouldn't want to build floorstanding speakers into cabinetry and others that said it would be fine.

BTW, music is the primary concern here. I listen to blues, hard rock, metal and a bit of rap.



Senior Audioholic
In general, I don't think it would be a good idea. Most speakerS like being away from walls so an enclosure would not be a good thing. Also, I am pretty sure the RF-7 is a rear ported design so that could cause some really bad bass effects. If you have to enclose them, I would look for a sealed enclosure or front ported speakers. Again, I would not enclose them at all, but front ported would probably minimize the bad effects, although not completely.

Also, there are speaker companies out there that make larger inwall speakers that are designed to be enclsoed. Legacy Audio comes to mind. Although a bit on the expensive side. These are not your typical in-walls.


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